August 12, 2015

IT WOULD BE CHILD ABUSE NOW, BUT SINCE IT HAPPENED IN THE ’70s YOU’RE ALLOWED TO WAX NOSTALGIC: The 70s groupies who broke the rules of style and sexuality. “Starr was only 14 years old when she started hanging out on the Strip, with a 13-year-old Lori Lightning (real name Mattix) joining the now established gang soon afterwards. The hangouts of choice were spots like the Rainbow Bar and Grill, Whiskey a-go-go and the E Club ­– later renamed Rodney Bingenheimer’s English Disco. . . . Lori Lightning, who fell in love with Jimmy Page aged 14, has no regrets. As she tells fellow ex-groupie Pamela de Barres in the latter’s book, ‘It was such a different time—there was no AIDS—and you were free to experiment.’ Nobody can ask Starr, now – the ballsy queen of the babies eventually got clean and had kids, but died aged 51 in 2009. Regardless of what really went on, there’s a kind of power to be found somewhere amid the gushing interviews and romanticised editorials of Star. Addressing its teen readers without patronising them, Star cut straight to the heart of the sexual desires of girlhood like no other magazine would dare.”

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