August 9, 2015


The takeaway here is that there is simply no substitute for the intact traditional family. Meaning, when children are removed from the protection of an intact traditional family, the chances of bad things happening to them, of being mistreated and abused in whatever situation they find themselves placed in, go way, way up.

I remember back in the day when then-VP Dan Quayle was pilloried by the liberal intelligentsia for daring to suggest that single motherhood was a bad idea ought not to be encouraged. I remember how they all screamed and jabbered like howler monkeys in their hatred and ridicule of him.

But then the liberal Atlantic magazine acknowledged that no, actually, Quayle was right.

The Washington Post agreed.

The TV actress Candice “Murphy Brown” Bergen stood aside and watched her liberal friends punch and kick Quayle around, but then 10 years later, after all the hubbub was safely in the past, admitted he was right.

At least she will never be accused of being courageous.

Rebelling against her conservative parents (radio legend Edgar Bergen his successful actress wife Frances), Bergen’s career versus her personal life was a classic case of “Talk Sixties, Act Fifties,” as Kathy Shaidle described the characters in Ang Lee’s film The Ice Storm. Her reluctance to publicly agree that Quayle was right was similarly a textbook example of the phrase that Charles Murray coined for his 2012 book Coming Apart: wealthy bourgeois leftists such as Bergen (who conceived her only child after marrying French film director Louis Malle and a few years before shooting Murphy Brown) cannot preach what they practice.

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