July 21, 2015

MICROAGGRESSION, MACRO-CRAZY: “The University of California keeps upping the ante in its search for imaginary bias,” Heather Mac Donald writes at City Journal:

The ultimate question raised by the seminar is: Are there any adults left on campus, at least in administrative offices? And the answer is: no. An adult administrator would realize that he is presiding over the most tolerant, well-meaning, and opportunity-filled community in human history. He would understand that the claim that females and minorities are the victims of discrimination on campuses is sheer fiction. He would know that teaching students to go around ferreting out imaginary slights does them a disservice.

But not from the campus administrators’ point of view, who are happy and eager to manufacture an endless supply of angry new young leftists.

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Ray Bradbury was just slightly off – no reason to burn books, when society is too afraid to even open them.