July 20, 2015

THE LOVE BOAT FOR LEFTWING POLICY WONKS: “’The love boat for policy wonks’ is how the New York Times describes The Nation magazine Caribbean cruise, setting sail in December from Miami,” Steve Hayward writes at Power Line. “I got the email from The Nation with a rundown on the speakers,” ranging from Ralph Nader to Katrina vanden Heuvel to Robert Scheer.” And if that wasn’t enough excitement, it gets better:

“AND a pre-cruise send-off featuring a freewheeling, intimate conversation with Representative Alan Grayson on December 12—free for all booked passengers!”

Oh, the conversations tut-tutting income inequality, global warming, and oh-so-problematic free markets the cruisers paying between two and six thousand dollars a cabin will have!  But then, P.J. O’Rourke’s classic “Ship of Fools” essay on early 1980s Nation magazine cruisers sailing up the Volga to see the wonders of the Soviet Union, while packing their own toilet paper, and the Washington Free Beacon’s more recent look at a New York Times-sponsored vacation in Tehran sums up the mindset of the socialist “Omnipotent Tourist Syndrome” quite nicely.

If you’re a conservative or libertarian who wants a much more fun getaway in December, then join us in Texas here:


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