June 17, 2015

BERNIE CLOSES THE GAP: The two most recent New Hampshire polls have Bernie Sanders within striking distance of Hillary Clinton, trailing by 10-12 percentage points. The Suffolk University poll shows a clear gender gap, with Clinton trailing Sanders among white men, with Sanders receiving 35 percent support versus Clinton’s 32 percent.

With such poor numbers against a relatively unknown socialist, Clinton’s candidacy is looking mighty shaky. It’s New Hampshire, of course, but it’s still not as left-leaning as its neighbor, Vermont, according to Gallup. And let’s not forget that, in 2008, Hillary Clinton upset Obama in the NH Democratic primary, 39 to 37 percent, despite losing independents by a significant margin. Her 2008 victory was attributed to her significant margin among women.

As recently as late April, Clinton enjoyed around a 20-40 point advantage over Sanders, so clearly something is shifting.

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