June 13, 2015

DEMS IN DISARRAY: CNN: House Democrats sink part of Obama Trade Bill.

Related: House Democratic Rep #1 re: POTUS visit to Hill: “He was fine until he turned it at the end and became indignant and alienated some folks.”

Well, you know, Obama gonna Obama. It is funny to see Dems complaining about the same intransigence, pettiness, and contempt that Hill GOPers have complained about for 7 years.

UPDATE: Democrat Says Obama Insulted Them in Meeting on Trade Deal!

Also: Pelosi Knifes Obama. “To understand how remarkable this surprise attack was, imagine Pearl Harbor as an inside job….”

Obama has given the Democrats their worst position in the House and in the states since the Calvin Coolidge era. Shockingly, the survivors aren’t super-eager to follow him off any more cliffs. Also shockingly, it doesn’t even occur to him that saying “this is all about me and my legacy, and if you don’t support it you’re evil,” isn’t good salesmanship.

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