June 6, 2015

WHEN ISIS GOES NUCLEAR: Investors’ Business Daily has a disturbing editorial, “Apocalypse Now: ISIS Establishing Nuclear Caliphate,” which claims that the radical Islamist group is close to acquiring sufficient funds for a nuclear weapon.

In the latest edition of its propaganda rag, the Islamic State says it has enough cash to buy a nuclear weapon from Pakistan and smuggle it into the U.S. through Mexico. This is the sum of all fears, and it’s not overblown. . . .

A Rand Corp. study says IS has more than $2 billion in assets from seized oil fields and refineries, kidnap ransoms and taxation. The think tank figures the terror group now controls fields with a production capacity of more than 150,000 barrels a day. It smuggles this oil out in tanker trucks and sells it at steeply discounted rates to buyers in Syria, Turkey, Kurdistan and elsewhere.

Despite falling world oil prices that have slowed IS’ energy revenues to about $2 million a week, the terror group is still raking in more than $1 million a day in extortion and taxes alone. IS has also stolen some $500 million from state-owned banks in Iraq.

This is far more cash than al-Qaida had access to before 9/11. And IS is more ambitious — and fanatical enough to actually detonate a nuke inside a U.S. city. . . . Indeed, IS’ magazine boasts that IS is “looking to do something big, something that would make any past operation look like a squirrel shoot.”

Another reason to seal the Mexican border as much as possible. But hey, ISIS is just the JV; nothing to worry about. This growing threat makes me glad I don’t live in a major U.S. city.

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