April 22, 2015

JOHN HINDERAKER: Americans Don’t Want More Immigration — And They’re Right. “In 1970, less than 1 in 21 residents were foreign-born; today it is almost 1 in 7. The annual rate of immigration is almost double its level from the Reagan years and more than triple its level from the post-WWII boom years. Meanwhile, while 1 in 15 men aged 25-54 were not working in 1970, it is now 1 in 6; the total number of women aged 16-65 not working has increased 30 percent while their population has increased less than half that amount.”

It’s also hard to figure on assimilating that many immigrants when the folks in charge of assimilation don’t really believe in — or even much like — the country they’re supposed to be helping immigrants assimilate to.

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