February 4, 2015

JON GABRIEL: Brian Williams: Big, Fat Liar. “The whistleblowers were the actual crew of the targeted copter. They had first noted Williams’ false report in 2003 but kept quiet. But after 12 years of hearing Williams take credit for their hardship, they finally had enough.”

The theory of the “anchorman” is supposed to be that while you can’t know what’s behind all the stories you see on the news, you trust them because you trust the person who delivers them. When you are a busted, repeat, self-glorifying, stolen-valor liar like Brian Williams, well, it’s a test of that theory. Will NBC keep him on? Bear in mind that his geriatric audience is likely to have stronger feelings about this sort of lie than the 20- and 30-somethings who are writing about it tonight in industry blogs.

Plus: “Williams was asked in 2007 why the public should trust his reporting from Iraq. Wallow in the smugness of his answer.”

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