January 18, 2015

HOW OBAMA LOST THE MIDDLE CLASS: “One of the emerging ironies of the Obama presidency, in fact, is the sagging fortunes of the American middle class while those on either end — rich and poor alike — have arguably fared better under Obama. The poor have been direct beneficiaries of many Obama programs — most notably, Obamacare—while the rich have benefited from a roaring stock market that has helped restore all the wealth lost during the 2008 financial meltdown, and then some. Middle earners, however, still face soaring costs for healthcare and education, while incomes have stagnated and many are sliding sideways or drifting backward.”

The press will do its best to hand the middle class back to whoever the Dems’ nominee is in 2016 by portraying whoever the GOP runs as an out-of-touch, scary plutocrat. This is obvious, and yet the GOP seems to be doing nothing to counter it.

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