August 29, 2014

GANGSTER GOVERNMENT IN ILLINOIS: The skulduggery of ousting Illinois candidates. “The Sun-Times has reported that armed investigators who work for Palos Township GOP Committeeman Sean Morrison’s security firm visited the homes of people who had signed or circulated Libertarian petitions. The newspaper cited two examples of security company employees, with holstered weapons visible, allegedly telling the people that the petitions were fraudulent — a lie — and urging them to retract their signatures. . . . Earlier this year, state House candidate Antonio “Tony” Favela told us how a pair of men linked to the Democratic Party started visiting people who had signed his petitions to get on the March primary ballot. Favela was challenging one of House Speaker Michael Madigan’s incumbent lawmakers, state Rep. Kathleen Willis. Numerous Favela supporters said the men banged on their doors, claiming they were inspectors with the state election board. The men told people who had signed Favela’s petitions that the petitions were fraudulent — they were not — and convinced some signers to nullify their signatures. Favela managed to stay on the ballot, but only after aggressively fighting to preserve his petitions.”

Tar. Feathers.

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