August 16, 2014

HMM: Kenya Bars Travelers From Ebola-Stricken Areas. “The Kenyan government announced other restrictions, saying it is temporarily suspending entry into Kenya of passengers who have passed through Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia. Health professionals and Kenyan citizens returning home from those countries will be the exceptions, but will have to undergo extensive screening and close monitoring, said James Macharia, Cabinet secretary of the Kenya Ministry of Health.”

Related: Nigeria Trains 800 Volunteers To Fight Ebola. “Nigeria has said it has trained 800 volunteers to battle Ebola as fears rose that the worst-ever outbreak of the deadly disease could spread across Africa’s most populous nation. Authorities in the capital Lagos last week appealed for volunteers to make up for a shortage of medical personnel because of a six-week nationwide doctors’ strike over pay.”

UPDATE: Mob Destroys Ebola Center In Liberia Two Days After It Opens. Well, looting stuff from an Ebola clinic seems like a good example of evolution in action. But, of course, it makes things worse for everyone else.