August 17, 2014

OH, GOODY: Hospitals In The US Get Ready For Ebola. “The C.D.C. says that health care workers treating Ebola patients need only wear gloves, a fluid-resistant gown, eye protection and a face mask to prevent becoming infected with the virus. That is a far cry from the head-to-toe ‘moon suits’ doctors, nurses and aides have been seeing on television reports about the outbreak. Some hospital officials are skeptical of the new advice.”

Do you get the feeling that they’re a little more worried about this outbreak than they let on?

UPDATE: Could this looting of an Ebola clinic by “armed men” in which bloodstained sheets, etc. were taken actually be a terrorist group trying to get infectious material? Probably not, but the thought just occurred to me that if I were a terrorist planning to spread Ebola, this is the kind of thing I’d do.