August 14, 2014

MARY KATHARINE HAM: Free societies require more of police than turning tough situations into militarized zones.

UPDATE: A friend writes on Facebook: “This presents such a great opportunity for libertarians to flip a significant fraction of blacks from big government to limited government. If Rand Paul wants to do outreach to the black community, get there now. Preferably with some other libertarians. Talk about drug war, killing men for cigarette taxes, drones, NSA spying, out of control cops, and how the problem that the government is making up dumb reasons to abuse its authority, not that this abuse would be better if applied in a more evenhanded way. Then sponsor national reform and try to mobilize these non traditional allies. Big opportunity just sitting there.”

ANOTHER UPDATE: Jay Nixon finally clears up his schedule to tend to the crisis in Ferguson, but only after getting a bunch of crap about it. Hey, fundraisers and vacations take priority in the new America.

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