August 4, 2014

MAYBE THEY SHOULDN’T BE GETTING INTERNATIONAL “AID.” Bill Clinton: Hamas Deliberately Causes Civilian Deaths For International PR Points.

“How could the people in Gaza, who started rocketing Israel, think that it was OK to use international aid money to dig tunnels to increase their ability to destabilize the region and kill people?” Clinton told about 150 Trib Total Media employees at the memorial service at Scaife’s boyhood home in Ligonier.

Israeli officials list the destruction of the tunnels, which Hamas has used for a series of incursions into Israel, as a chief objective of the 26-day-old war in Gaza. . . .

Clinton blamed the rising civilian death toll on Hamas as well, saying they deliberately placed munitions where civilians seek shelter, then use their deaths to foment international anti-Israeli sentiment.

“How could they put rockets in a school to follow a deliberate strategy to force the deaths of their own civilians so as to make Israel look bad in the world?” Clinton said.

They do it because much of the world press, and much of the world, happily plays along. But here’s a thought: If Hamas got its way in Gaza, it would look a lot like the Islamic State in Iraq. If Israel got its way, Gaza would look a lot like Santa Monica. Just sayin’ . . .