August 2, 2014

WHY, HOWEVER COULD THAT HAVE HAPPENED? The crusade against Iraq War supporters has forgotten someone: Hillary Clinton.

Barack Obama used a similar line of attack on Hillary Clinton during the 2008 primary campaign:

[People] should ask themselves: Who got the single most important foreign policy decision since the end of the Cold War right, and who got it wrong?

And yet less than two weeks after his election, Obama made the person who was doggedly wrong on the “most important foreign policy decision” in a generation his secretary of State.

That convenient amnesia is exactly what is going to happen in 2016, when many of those who are willing to shout “baby killer” at Paul Wolfowitz will make it their full-time job to elect Hillary Clinton commander in chief. Clinton has given a totally implausible account of her evolving views on Iraq, even as she continues her hard-line hawkishness. Her entire career has been peppered with urging presidents to bomb, whether the target was Serbia in the ’90s or Libya and Syria this decade.

I also predict that Obama’s supporters won’t be focusing on his right/wrong-call ratio much . . . .