July 23, 2014

UH OH: Democratic senator from Montana accused of plagiarism in Army War College assignment. His excuse: PTSD. Uh huh.

Related: Democrats About Ready to Chalk Montana Up as a Loss.

UPDATE: From the comments: “The War Colleges offer a nearly year-long in-residence program for senior officers who are being groomed for flag rank — a place for them to go and think deeply, after a couple of decades in uniform, about history, strategy, and the intellectual burdens of senior command. Half-assed plagiarism of half-assed papers — at this level! — is a sign of institutional rot, not just personal failings. No one noticed? What’s the general level of officer scholarship at the War Colleges? What’s the general level of quality in the contemporary flag ranks?”

There’s a lot of institutional rot in a lot of places these days.

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