July 21, 2014

FOR THOSE WHO SAY THE 21ST CENTURY HAS BEEN A DISAPPOINTMENT: Aerosol Cake Batter Is Real Now and Nothing Will Ever Be the Same. “And after spending months perfecting the recipe in his dorm, McCallum is now in the process of patenting what he ultimately dubbed Spray Cake. Meaning that this could actually become a real thing on your grocery store shelf, and that there’s still some hope for the human race yet. McCallum and his business partner/lady friend Brooke Nowakowski assured The Boston Globe that their fully microwavable product has the same mouthfeel as traditional cakes. And since it comes out pre-risen, it cooks in a fraction of the time (about one minute for a full cake).”

Seems like a logical descendant of the Batter Blaster. Nobody tell Nina Planck.