June 29, 2014

MINNESOTA STAR TRIBUNE EDITORIAL: Appoint A Special Prosecutor In The IRS Scandal. “The old caution against ascribing to malice what can explained by incompetence is worth keeping in mind when evaluating a high-profile blunder in either the private or public sector, such as the Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of conservative groups for extra scrutiny. But the latest twist in the long-running controversy — the eye-rollingly convenient loss of IRS e-mails — moves the needle from ineptitude and toward the other, more troubling end of the spectrum. While the lost e-mails aren’t definitive proof of an orchestrated effort by the IRS or the Obama administration, the recent news that thousands of e-mails were obliterated in a computer hard-drive crash in 2011 is tough to swallow, not only for technology professionals, but also for an increasingly tech-savvy public.”

True. However, I strongly doubt that Eric Holder will appoint a special prosecutor who isn’t an apparatchik who’ll just run out the clock until 2017.

UPDATE: Ed Driscoll: The Dense-Pack Theory of Obama Scandals Accelerates into Hyperdrive. “In the years to come, sociologists and historians will marvel at the level of mass delusion (or worse) in 2007 and 2008 that swept much of America.” They should start by reading this piece by Andrew Klavan, and this from Mark Levin. Levin’s piece from 2008 is especially prescient.