June 24, 2014

LACK OF ACCOUNTABILITY: Woman shown mercy after sex attack lies led to arrest.

A woman who lied about being sexually assaulted – leading to an innocent man’s arrest – has been shown mercy by the courts.

Tracy Kent was spared prison after a judge learned how she was a “damaged and vulnerable woman” with a catalogue of woes behind her.

Kent, 36, admitted she falsely told police she’d been sexually assaulted to get sympathy from her husband after a row.

She ripped her own clothes to make her story more believable, Teesside Crown Court heard today.

Her lies led to an innocent man being arrested, detained by police for three hours and bailed for six days. . . . The bogus report wasted 64 hours of police time at a cost of almost £4,000.

The arrested man spoke in a statement of his shock and the effect of the false allegation against him.

When you reward conduct, you get more of it. When you punish conduct, you get less of it. The victim here should sue her.