June 17, 2014

NEWS YOU CAN USE: 23 Ways To Win Your Wedding Registry.

The bloom is on the rose, and weddings are in the air. That means wedding registries are on the Internet. Which in turn means that, I am sorry to say, there are a lot of young, giggly, blushing people running through stores with handheld scanners, preparing to make terrible mistakes about their kitchen equipment.

Please don’t take this the wrong way. There’s no reason that you should be any good at assembling a wedding registry; after all, if all goes well, it is the sort of thing you will do only once in your life. That’s why it struck me that a bit of advice from someone who a) is obsessed with kitchen equipment and b) has already been through the harrowing process of wondering exactly which items were good enough to demand from your friends might be helpful.

Well, not for me, but yeah.