June 10, 2014

MICKEY KAUS LOOKS AT David Brat, the guy who beat Eric Cantor:

This is a pitch — against a “low wage agenda” and “crony corporate lobby” — that can appeal to Democrats as well as Republicans. Maybe partisanship will eventually be transcended, not at the top, with David Brooks, Gloria Borger and Jon Huntsman imposing a Beltway consensus they hammer out at an Atlantic panel, but at the bottom, where less sleek figures like Brat, Phyllis Schlafly and Jeff Sessions, can make common cause with Democratic workers who’ve gotten the short end of previous top-down triumphs such as global trade and Reagan’s 1986 amnesty, as well as of ineluctable technological trends like automation. 2) Perhaps not coincidentally, Democrats can vote in the Cantor vs. Brat primary.

And there’s some evidence that they did. This was posted before polls closed today. I look forward to Mickey’s victory cry tomorrow, if he’s not too hungover from celebrating in the bars of Richmond.

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