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June 5, 2014

ANOTHER UNIVERSITY DEFENDS ANOTHER LAWSUIT OVER SEXUAL ASSAULT KANGAROO COURTS: Drew University: Our sex assault investigation wasn’t biased against men.

Student Kevin Parisi was never charged with any crime related to the sex assault claim, and the school ultimately found him not responsible. His accuser notified police of the alleged sexual assault, but then never came to police headquarters to give a further statement, and the case was eventually closed, police have told NJ.com.

But he alleges in a federal lawsuit Drew’s investigation derailed his academic career, and his prospects for a good life secured by a college education. . . .

Treatment of those accused of sexual misconduct, he alleges in the suit, is inherently biased against men since more men than women face such allegations.

“Male respondents in sexual misconduct cases at defendant Drew are discriminated against solely on the basis of sex. They are invariably subjected to discipline without the benefit of due process,” he says in his suit. . . .

Parisi’s lawsuit, in addition to alleging sexual discrimination, also names his accuser and her boyfriend — whom he says lied about a consensual night of sex Parisi and the accuser had after she and her boyfriend split up. The accuser had hoped to return to her boyfriend and didn’t want him to know about the sex, he says. Parisi says his accuser admitted as much to a close friend, and tried to get that friend to lie as well.

These lawsuits seem to be a growth industry. If I were a plaintiff’s lawyer in a college town, I’d be putting ads on park benches: FALSELY ACCUSED OF SEXUAL ASSAULT? SUE THE B*ST*RDS!