June 4, 2014

JACLYN CASHMAN: Hillary’s secret ‘lunch’ with prez raises questions. “Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl officially became an issue in the 2016 presidential race this week when Hillary Clinton backed the president’s reckless swap for the soldier with the Taliban.”

Related: Mediaite: Fmr. Soldier: Military Told Unit to ‘Not Tell the Truth’ About Bergdahl.

Also: Afghanistan: Obama’s War. “Last week, when President Obama made his trip to Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan, he claimed that ‘America’s war in Afghanistan will come to a responsible end.’ This turned out to be the greatest applause line of his speech. With his assertion, Obama, in effect, declared himself the hero of the Afghan war – the one who put an end to that nightmare. But what Obama failed to mention was that it was his war, and that nothing but unattractive scenarios lie ahead for that war-torn state. . . . Why is Afghanistan, as Bob Woodward correctly termed it, Obama’s war? Del Castillo’s sharp pencil work shows that during the period 2002-2013, $650 billion have been appropriated for the Afghan war effort, and a whopping $487.5 billion of that (or 75%) took place after President Obama took office.” Most of the casualties, too. Including some who were looking for Bergdahl.

UPDATE: More members of Bergdahl’s platoon speak out: Bergdahl Was ‘That One Guy That Wanted To Disappear.’

Also: Chuck Todd: W.H. Caught ‘Flat-Footed’ by Bergdahl Response. Don’t they even read Rolling Stone? Oh, who am I kidding? Nobody reads Rolling Stone. But if they had, Michael Hastings could have filled them in. You know, before he died.

Related: “Wonder how long it is before oppo on outspoken members of Bergdahl’s platoon starts popping up.” How long does it take for Valerie Jarrett to call the NSA? Then launder through Journolisters. . . .