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May 21, 2014

THE SECRET SERVICE IS A MESS, AND THERE’S NO ACCOUNTABILITY: Exclusive: Secret Service agents accused of ordering ‘Operation Moonlight’ remain on the job.

Two Secret Service officials responsible for diverting members of a special White House unit to protect the assistant and friend of the agency’s director are still on the job and have not been placed on administrative leave while the matter is under investigation, according to two people familiar with the matter.

David Beach and Jim Donaldson, the two agents in charge of the Washington field office, ordered members of the Secret Service’s Prowler unit, which is responsible for patrolling the White House perimeter, to leave their posts and travel to the southern Maryland town of La Plata, an hour’s drive from Washington. The Washington Post first reported the story May 11.

The agents were diverted to their new assignment, known internally as Operation Moonlight, because then-Director Mark Sullivan was worried that a neighbor was harassing his assistant, Lisa Chopey, and that she was in danger, the sources said.

I wonder if there’s more to this.

Related: Whistleblowers tell Senate panel of alleged sexual misconduct by Secret Service agents.

Secret Service agents and managers have engaged in sexual misconduct and other improprieties across a span of 17 countries in recent years, according to accounts given by whistleblowers to the Senate committee that oversees the department.

Sen. Ronald H. Johnson (Wis.), ranking Republican on a Homeland Security subcommittee, said Thursday that the accounts directly contradict repeated assertions by Secret Service leaders that the elite agency does not foster or tolerate sexually improper behavior.

Here at InstaPundit, I’ve been noting management problems with the Secret Service for over a decade. But the problems seem to be getting worse, not better.