May 12, 2014

AN IDEA SO CRAZY IT JUST MIGHT WORK: Rape on Campus Belongs in the Courts.

The idea of universities as being somehow outside of the normal justice system, with their own police and disciplinary procedures, is a survival of the era when they were ecclesiastical institutions. Its persistence into the present day serves no real social purpose.

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That the activists’ moral outrage is justified does not mean, again, that their prescriptions are correct. Their fatal conceit in many cases is the idea that by sweeping away misogyny they can resolve the internal contradictions of social liberalism, and usher in a world where everyone can be libertines together, and a hard-drinking, sexually permissive culture can be experienced identically by male and female, rich and middle class and poor.

This is a utopian, ahistorical vision, and its pursuit is fraught with peril: like many revolutionaries, today’s campus activists might well end up toppling a corrupt order only to install a kind of police state in its stead.

The lefty stuff always leads to the same place. But you’re crazy to go to these schools if you’re a man. And women don’t want to go to schools that men avoid. So I predict either an eventual equilibrium, or a collapse.

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