May 7, 2014

THIS DEPICTION OF ME AS A SUPER VILLAIN: Is by far the funniest way I’ve ever been thanked (?) for linky-love.  So, even though I don’t always agree with John C. Wright, go and take a look at his non-fiction book. (He is always worth it, as a word-smith.) While you’re at it, check out my friend Kate Paulk’s Con books — irresistible if you’re a science fiction fan.  Also, Kate is the other half of the world’s most evil person.  (I believe to deserve this we pointed out that SFWA should not be in the ideology-policing business. Which makes us worse than Caligula.)  Yes, I know, Kate needs better covers.  It’s actually on my to-do list. You could also do worse than checking out Dave Freer, a very good friend. Dave Freer is the originator of the saying “The Americans are terrible imperialists.  All they want to do is go home.”  He’s a newly-minted Australian — from South Africa — and this is his blog.