May 5, 2014


The correspondent’s dinner was a thoroughly medieval spectacle. Never was a lord’s hall so earnestly thronged by grateful peasants as that venue. The comparison was nearly exact since it featured jesters, court ladies and the obligatory men-at-arms hovering outside the drawbridge of the castle. Royalty was of course in attendance, resplendent in its dazzling gowns and chic elegance. The designated buffoon of the evening was Kathleen Sebelius who was employed as a sight-gag as an obligatory adjunct to something broken as if she could absorb for herself the sins of the King.

The White House Correspondents’ Dinner seems to be moving backwards in time. This year, it’s being described as a “medieval spectacle”; last year, Tom Brokaw (of all people) was comparing it to Versailles. Stone Age or bust next year?