May 3, 2014

BAD FAITH: Death Penalty Opponents Get Move To Lethal Injection, Then Ban Effective Drugs, Then Complain It’s “Torture.”

I say go back to firing squads. Plus:

White House spokesman Jay Carney called the Oklahoma execution inhumane. He did not mention the Obama administration’s role in pressuring states to surrender drugs found to be constitutional by the U.S. Supreme Court. In 2011, the Obama Department of Justice actually seized Georgia’s supply of sodium thiopental because the drug, among other problems, did not have FDA approval. Really.

“If the White House is upset,” Scheidegger wondered, “why don’t they do something about the supply problem? Everyone knows that pentobarbital, the single-drug method, works just fine.” Maybe President Obama should sign an executive order.

It’s hypocrisy all the way down.