April 2, 2014

YA THINK? Bryan Preston: The Media Won’t Cover Leland Yee’s Alleged Gun-Running Because They’re Democrat Operatives with By-Lines. So far, he’s still getting almost exclusively local coverage. Plus: “If he hadn’t been forced out of the race by being arrested, what would Leland Yee have done with the California secretary of state post? There’s a question that no one in the media will even think of pursuing.”

Plus: “Everyone knows why MSNBC isn’t interested in the Leland Yee story. He’s a Democrat and they’re open leftwingers. But CNN is still supposed to be a news network. They have no excuse for omitting the Yee story. It’s obvious that the only thing stopping them from covering Yee is that, if the charges against him are true, the anti-gun gun-running Democrat is the biggest hypocrite in the political universe. But the likes of CNN are right behind him.”

Compare and contrast: Chris Christie and the eternal bridge investigation.

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