March 31, 2014

DEBRA SAUNDERS ON LELAND YEE: Whom do you trust: ‘Shrimp Boy,’ the FBI or neither? “Were the feds snowed, just as Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Mayor Ed Lee and Assemblyman Tom Ammiano were snowed, when they hailed Chow for leaving a life of crime and turning himself around? Or did they know their onetime asset was a liability but, for some dubious reason, think they could control him? Were the feds uninterested in pursuing Chow unless an investigation – in this case a five-year undercover operation – netted a high-profile arrest? Enter Yee, with his hand out. . . . Like Calderon, Yee enjoys the presumption of innocence. Still, it doesn’t look good when more than 10 percent of the Senate Democratic caucus is looking at prison time. The next time you hear a California Democrat extol “public service,” hold onto your wallet.”