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March 10, 2014

WITCH HUNT? Judge in general’s court-martial dismisses jury after e-mails emerge.

A military judge dismissed the jury Monday in Army Brig. Gen. Jeffrey Sinclair’s court-martial after e-mails emerged over the weekend that could point to alleged Pentagon interference in the proceedings.

Among the 22 pages of e-mails are a January communication in which a senior military lawyer writes Fort Bragg’s chief of military justice casting doubt on SInclair’s accuser’s credibility, and a February correspondence in which a lieutenant colonel with the Judge Advocate General’s Corps asked for a colonel’s “thoughts/opinion” on Sinclair’s offer to enter a plea.

According to CNN affiliate WTVD, Col. James Pohl, the presiding judge in the court-martial, granted a motion to reconsider whether unlawful command influence has marred the proceedings. The judge ruled Army prosecutors failed to meet their burden of proof in denying that the court-martial had been unduly influenced.

The command authority certainly seems to have been going after a lot of generals and admirals lately.