February 22, 2014


I found nothing on the website of The Nation, whose writers are seemingly too busy trying to find rationales for Putin’s attack on Ukraine. But fortunately, one voice was brave enough to defend Nicolas Maduro — the former member of Congress, Joseph Kennedy II.

Writing in the Wall Street Journal,  Sohrab  Ahmari notes that Kennedy is busy airing TV ads heralding Maduro for providing cheap subsidized fuel to the poor in the Bay Area, provided to Kennedy’s  corporation, Citizens Energy. “The cold can overwhelm even the toughest among us,” the ad states, “and the heating bills keep piling on.” Then Mr. Kennedy himself appears on screen, and says: “The people of Venzuela and President Maduro are once again…the only country to answer our call to provide heating assistance to the poor.” Given that Kennedy makes this statement precisely at the moment when demonstrators are being shot and the opposition leader jailed, Mr. Ahmari writes that Kennedy now has the distinction of being the most prominent “useful idiot” singing the praises of Maduro’s crumbling regime. I would modify that statement. The regime’s failings are so transparent that to praise it, as does Joseph Kennedy II, proves that he is actually simply an idiot, and hardly useful to anyone.

I await with bated breath the Obama administration’s unqualified vocal support to the brave Venezuelans who are calling for an end to the regime of  the would-be Castro of Venezuela.

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