February 16, 2014

MONEY AND POLITICS: Mark Tapscott: It turns out the ‘Evil’ Koch Bros are only the 59th biggest donors in American politics. Can you guess who is number one? “So, if money is the measure of evil in American politics and the Evil Koch Bros only come in 59th, who is really the most evil donor ever? Turns out it’s Act Blue, with just short of $100 million in contributions during its lifetime, which only started in 2004, 15 years after the Evil Koch Bros in the OpenSecrets.org compilation.”

UPDATE: An explanation:

I think it’s like the way 15 is 105 in dog years. $18 million — the Koch total — should be understood in “conservative” dollars when ranking “most evil” donors. Let’s use the “dog years” multiplier of 7, to demonstrate the concept. $18 million is $128 million in conservative dollars. So, understood properly, the Koch Brothers actually do rank #1 on the most evil donor ever ranking.

Sadly, that makes sense.

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