February 4, 2014

CHANGE: Carper: US should ‘lead way’ in Bitcoin regulation.

Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.) called on the U.S. to “lead the way” on regulation of Bitcoin after a new study found most countries do not have rules in place to address virtual currencies.

“The United States may not be as far behind the curve on virtual currencies as some have argued,” said Carper, who commissioned the study. “In fact, the United States might be leading the way for a number of nations when it comes to addressing this growing technology.” The report surveyed government officials from around the world and shows many countries are still considering what to do with Bitcoin. China and Brazil are the two exceptions, having already begun regulating Bitcoin.

The study looked at 40 countries and asked whether they recognize Bitcoin as legal tender; what negative impacts Bitcoin could have on national currencies; what concerns they have about fraud; and how tax authorities view Bitcoin transactions.

According to the study, there is “widespread concern” about the negative impact Bitcoin could have on national currencies and how it could be used to fund criminal operations and tax fraud.

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