January 16, 2014

BOEHNER’S IMMIGRATION PLAN: If the GOP wants to jumpstart a National 3rd Party movement for Conservatives. . . . “Because as Presidents Romney & McCain not to mention Senator Brown can tell you, there is no precedent for the base staying home in a critical election when the leadership pisses them off.”

Meanwhile, for people who are unhappy, let me repeat this advice from an InstaPundit reader.

I suggest you actually attend your state’s Republican and Democrat party conventions (Bing is your friend). Attend every day and stay at the convention hotel, don’t be a day tripper. Mingle. Listen in the hallways and listen in the hospitality suites. And learn.

After your learning assignment, go back to your home district and ally yourself with people who think like you and are eager to act. Then get busy. It’s already 2014, if your candidate hasn’t already got a campaign committee, six figures of campaign money in a campaign account at the bank, and at least a dozen supporters other than committee members who are ready to start putting in 20+ hours per week on campaign grunt work as of this minute, then your candidate has already lost. So move on to the next best choice. And if that candidate also has already lost, move on again. Repeat until you’ve found the best candidate that can win. Volunteer for that candidate. Work hard starting Day One. You’ve got less than 11 months on the election calendar left. Time’s running out. Stop talking and get busy.

It’s good advice.

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