January 8, 2014

ED MORRISSEY: US News: Catholics have taken over the Supreme Court, or something. “It’s difficult to pick a place to start with Jamie Stiehm’s anti-Catholic diatribe yesterday that US News’ editors somehow decided to publish as part of their opinion section. It’s such a target-rich environment that it challenges the restrictions of fair use and copyright law, but so ludicrously entertaining that it rises to must-read level. Stiehm uses the issuance of a very temporary stay by Justice Sonia Sotomayor in the case of the Little Sisters of the Poor to argue that Catholics have seized control of the Supreme Court — and really should be excluded from any position of power at all.”

UPDATE: From the comments:

Old and busted: Sotomayor is a wise Latina woman!
New and hot: Sotomayor is a papist trojan horse!

Heh. Indeed.