January 9, 2014

HIGHER EDUCATION BUBBLE UPDATE: My German Professor Made Verbal Love To Obamacare. “When I enrolled in an advanced German for beginners class last fall at The College of New Jersey, I intended to improve my ability to speak and write in conversational German. What I did not expect to learn in German 103 was that the Affordable Care Act – a.k.a Obamacare – is the answer to our prayers, the Tea Party is made up of ‘old,’ ‘very moronic’ people, life is far better in Europe, and Occupy Wall Streeters were really on to something. Now that my grade is securely documented on my transcripts, I feel safe sharing my recent experiences inside the classroom, during which lessons on the German language frequently morphed into soliloquies on the benefits of universal health care.”

“Old” and “very moronic?” Report him to the Office Of Equity And Diversity for ageism and prejudice against the mentally challenged.