January 6, 2014

MATTHEW CONTINETTI: Obama On The Couch: The president’s TV-viewing tastes are utterly typical of the American educated class. “Anyone who can make it through the piece should conclude that the president is neither a Communist nor a Muslim but a conventional and rather unexciting Bobo, a middle-aged parent of two who unwinds, in between golf and games of pickup basketball, in the accustomed manner of his caste. Ironic, isn’t it: A man whose senses of ego and ambition are continually inflated by his rivals, his supporters, and himself is just another member of a comfortable and confused elite, enjoying television on his large, high-definition set, watching movies in his private screening room, and eating fine cuisine in the most fashionable restaurants while brooding over the prospect of American decline. One reads “Obama’s TV Picks” not for the information it contains or for the conclusions it draws, but for the opportunity to be reassured that, no matter how incompetent he may seem, no matter how far his approval ratings may fall, Barack Obama is, in the end, just like us.”

That Obama is a typical member of America’s ruling class is not at odds with “how incompetent he may seem.”