December 27, 2013

DOZENS AND GROWING: Universities Rejecting American Studies Association’s Academic Boycott Of Israel. But that’s not enough. Attendance at ASA conferences, and purchase of ASA publications, should be defunded. Lessons must be taught.

From Prof. Jacobson:

Universities need to do more than just denounce the academic boycott. They need to contain the academic nuclear explosion set off by the ASA by applying university open access and non-discrimination rules to on-campus events.

That is why we will continue to raise the issue of how UT-Austin could host and sponsor the NAISA annual meeting when that group signed onto the BDS academic boycott and will conduct that conference in a discriminatory manner.

And we will raise that issue on every campus where the academic boycott groups hold conferences.

The kind of vicious idiocy perpetrated by the ASA happens in large part because it’s largely cost-free to the perpetrators. Change that, and the behavior will change as well.