December 1, 2013

SHOCKER: That Viral “Poverty Thoughts” Essay Is Totally Ridiculous.

You see, Linda Walther Tirado, or “KillerMartinis,” as she’s known on her Kinja screen name, wrote this brain-grating essay, and it’s all about being subjected to the pitfalls of poverty. Linda’s not actually poor, though, nor was she raised in what most would describe as poverty. Unless you consider a boarding school education as a marker for poverty, anyway.

The inferences on what it’s like to be poor — from the roach-infested living quarters to the lack of wholesome food — would almost be laughable, if they weren’t such freakin’ gross stereotypes written by a person who has never experienced true poverty. That little fact takes it from laughable to infuriating.

What’s also infuriating is that Linda — who is panhandling for $100,000 worth of donations on GoFundMe — wrote this piece, and the comments and rebuttals to it, while masquerading as a “poor person,” but has now decided to clean up the mess by copping to her past as a person from a much different background.

It’s Potemkin villages all the way down. But hey, there’s good money in telling lefties what they want to hear.