November 27, 2013

JAMES TARANTO: Excuses, Excuses: The dog ate Obama’s health-care reform.

It was a fundraising pitch–not from OFA but from The Yes Men, an Alinskyite group of merry pranksters (or, in their self-description, a “raggedy group of anti-corporate weirdos”). The note from “Obama” was a satire from the left–and it was pitch-perfect up until the Cuba reference, which descended into self-parody. The Yes Men no doubt believe Cuba’s health-care system is better than America’s. Maybe the OFA guys do too, but if so, they’re savvy enough to keep it to themselves.

Not everyone on the left has turned against Obama in such a hilarious fashion. But among those who are defending ObamaCare–which is to say, making excuses for failure–some are equally hilarious, if unwittingly so.

Over the weekend Joe Nocera of the New York Times weighed in on the question of which of history’s political disasters ObamaCare most resembles. His answer: the 1961 effort by a CIA-trained paramilitary to topple Cuba’s superior health-care system.

Big difference: If the Bay of Pigs had succeeded, that would have been good for freedom. But it’s better for freedom that ObamaCare is failing.

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