October 30, 2013

L.A. TIMES: Publicly, the White House continues to defend the president’s pre-launch salesmanship. Privately, some officials say they wish they’d left a little wiggle room in the healthcare rollout. “With the federal website hobbled by bad design and thousands of policyholders receiving cancellation notices, Obama’s promises are not being met — prompting charges of deception from some Republicans and concessions from some allies that elements of the law were oversold. The fallout is only the latest chapter in this White House’s three-year struggle to sell the public on the Affordable Care Act, which could come to define the president’s legacy. Since signing it into law, the president has variously defended it, promoted it, simplified it and hyped it. But polling shows he has never fully sold, nor educated, the public on the vast new government healthcare program.”

He lied to get it passed. He knew he was lying. Now it’s catching up to him.

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