October 26, 2013

TRYING TO APPLY FOR OBAMACARE BY PHONE, OR WITH PEN AND PAPER? Good Luck With That. “With the supposedly state-of-the-art $600 million HealthCare.gov portal malfunctioning, President Barack Obama is urging Americans to go ahead and try to get health coverage by mailing in a paper application, calling the helpline or seeking help from one of the trained ‘assisters.’ But the truth is those applications — on paper or by phone — have to get entered into the same lousy website that is causing the problems in the first place. And the people processing the paper and calls don’t have any cyber secret passage to duck around that.”

UPDATE: It’s come to this: Video: ObamaCare meltdown raises serious questions about being unmanageable, says … David Gregory. Plus: “The incompetence turns into dishonesty and opacity, which frustrates ACA supporter Josh Barro at Business Insider. Barro participated in a CMS conference call yesterday, and came away with more questions and worry than when he started.”

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