October 21, 2013

FLASHBACK: Obama Told People They Could Keep Their Health Care Plans.

Related: Byron York: At the White House: Obamacare success stories that aren’t. “President Obama invited a number of people to stand behind him as he delivered his speech on the state of Obamacare at the White House Monday morning. One of them, Janice Baker, a small business owner from Delaware, introduced the president, and Obama spoke of Baker and the others gathered there as people who have benefited from Obamacare. But after reading the White House-provided descriptions of each of those behind the president, it’s clear the administration was stretching to present people who, beyond supporting Obamacare, have actually gained from it in any tangible way.”

Example: “So, Hassan is employed, not covered, and has not yet succeeded in finding coverage through Obamacare. That is, in the White House’s estimation, an Obamacare success story. . . . Presumably, the White House had many success stories to choose from in deciding who would stand behind the president at Monday’s event. But some of the successes they chose don’t seem to be successes at all.” Maybe they didn’t have many to choose from. The selection suggests that’s the case.

UPDATE: Obama: If the website doesn’t work, just use the phone. Which will refer you to . . . the website! “Can’t make this up. Got through 800-number, followed prompts, and got referred to http://Healthcare.gov.” So Obama’s now running behind Jerry Brown’s 1992 campaign, whose 800 number at least worked.

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