September 6, 2013

DEFENSIVE GUN USES: Police: Homeowner fatally shoots intruder in midst of crime spree. “Neighbors say there had been some break-ins recently, and they were in the process of forming a neighborhood watch but had not done so. As a result of Wednesday’s trauma, shaken neighbors said that they are definitely beefing up security in their neighborhood.”

Related: Woman pulls gun, fends off carjackers. “If these were my kids and they were out at 11:30 at night, terrorizing women, I would scare the life out of them.”

UPDATE: Resident Kills Home Invader. “A 24-year-old resident of the home got into a gunfight with the trio of suspected robbers that left a scene strewn with ‘guns, multiple bullet holes and blood,’ police said.”

UPDATE: Jim Treacher notices something missing from the description of the assailants in item two.