August 26, 2013

DOES THIS REFLECT WORSE ON THE JUSTICE DEPARTMENT, OR ON TULANE? Former US attorney throws book at James O’Keefe, calls him ‘snail,’ hobbit, ‘spud,’ ‘asshole.’ “Former U.S. attorney and assistant Tulane University Dean Jim Letten unleashed a barrage of verbal abuse at conservative ‘guerrilla journalist’ James O’ Keefe and his film crew in an altercation on Tulane’s campus early last month. . . . In the video, O’Keefe also points out that Letten’s tirade seems to stand in contrast with the school’s speech code which calls on members of the community to ‘speak and act with scrupulous respect for the human dignity of others.'” Well, you know, not Republicans.

And isn’t hurling an object at someone an assault?

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