July 30, 2013

WOMEN: “Baffled” By Huma’s Choice? “Such pathetic nonsense about Hillary and her place in history. And as for Huma, the notion that she could now be some pathbreaker is so stupid I don’t know where it came from. Some people — who are they? — got fixated on her — why? Because she’s somewhat attractive? Because she’s somewhat attractive and Muslim? Because she’s somewhat attractive, Muslim, and close to Hillary? I’d like those people to confess what they’re so enamored about. I bet they won’t, because it’s nothing but stupidity.”

UPDATE: A reader emails: “Hilary is throwing Huma under the bus so she doesn’t get dragged down. First the husband betrays Huma. Then her mentor. Could be powerful narrative.” Maybe it could be an NBC mini-series!

ANOTHER UPDATE: Michael Lotus writes: “If Diane Lane is going to play Hillary, can we have a similar lack of verisimilitude and have Padma Lakshmi play Huma?”