July 30, 2013

THE HILL: Tax reformers find receptive audiences in road show stops.

In heading to Philadelphia and Lawrenceville, N.J., Baucus and Camp continued their quest to leverage outside-the-Beltway pressure to force a skeptical White House and a gridlocked Congress to act on their legacy-fulfilling goal of tax reform.

But the skepticism facing Baucus and Camp, each facing the final 17 months of their chairmanship, is also born of real policy differences — especially on the question of whether a rewritten tax code should raise more revenue to reduce deficits.

Even so, both chairmen have pledged to push a reform bill out of committee after the August recess. The two are still seeking suggestions, via Twitter and other avenues, about tax reform, and also met privately on Monday with someone in the Philadelphia area who gave them a submission.

I guess I should have submitted my own revenue enhancement proposals. But seriously, if we could get something like the 1986 Tax Reform Act again that would be terrific for the country and for the economy. And, again, I recommend reading Showdown At Gucci Gulch for those interested in how things happened last time around.