July 24, 2013

“I COULD TELL SHE WAS A LEFTY FROM THE WAY SHE WROTE THE AMPERSAND:” Ann Althouse on “Proud Racist” Renee Vaughan of the Texas Campaign for the Environment:

It’s a harsh consequence to become — for all time, on the web — Renee “Racist and Proud” Vaughan. She’s apologized — sorry she got busted. You know how apologies are. But I doubt that she’d be sorry if her trick had worked and amplified the legend of the racism of Zimmerman and his defenders.

It’s entirely fitting that her name should be forever linked to the motto “Racist and Proud,” because that isn’t a lie. It’s true. It is racist to press the racism template onto the Zimmerman story, and it is done with full intent to stimulate feelings of race-based anxiety in vulnerable minds. That is heartless and evil.


UPDATE: A reader emails:

You just posted the link to Althouse about “Proud Racist” Renee Vaughan, and already her name has been pulled from the Texas Campaign for the Environment staff page. But you can still see her listed at this cached copy from earlier. That was quick!

Indeed. Perhaps they’ve let her go, as someone who’s publicly “Racist And Proud” might reflect poorly on their brand.

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